Unveiling Them


Prepare for His Arrival
19 February 2019

Signs of His Return

False Evidence of His Christ

Final Words

Round-Up List
All nations will round  them up and escort them to the land of their captivity

They Planned on a more Expedient Extermination




This is the revelation that was foretold long ago. Mass population die-off is set to commence Now.
The abomination that causes desolation (depopulation) spoken of through Daniel 2,500 years ago.

We know the time is Now. Only the Father knows the hour & day.
His return is imminent when population die-off becomes evident;
as the population numbers approach
214,270,410 – early 2020.
The year 2020 starts 1 April this year. The official calendar is behind by nine months.

The life of a creature is in its blood:
  Blood pH used to set up the extermination;
pH is indicator of life expectancy. They stole decades of lifespan/youth by iron poisoning/copper depletion.

True dates of His birth & crucifixion

Began with copper depletion & iron poisoning 500 years ago -- then addition of vaccines to implant parasites/pathogens;
Iron poisoning as it is the nutrient for ALL pathogens, copper depletion as it removes iron & ALL poison metals/chemicals.
Now poison gases -- airborne nano-particle metals, pathogens & radiation to obliterate copper status & finish off the citizens.

Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates – the Mississippi river.
The number of the mounted troops is 200 million -- the real population of the United States.
They are armed with WEAPONS. They are cruel and without mercy.
The Lord thunders at the head of His army!

Prepare to advance on their positions, for the Lord's purpose is to destroy them -- through the power and authority He has delegated to His Christ, His chosen ones who are MANY in number!


RFID implants are not the mark of the beast


BEWARE of other websites copying & editing the words of this website



Now is the time to reveal that which has been concealed for a long, long time; to unveil those who have manipulated & staged world events and have deceived the world since the beginning; their entire being is a fraud. They think they are all powerful and exalt themselves over God and all of creation. They are murderers, liars and thieves; and they want to destroy the earth and mankind. Now it is time to destroy the destroyers, the ones who were disinherited 2000 years ago. They are the ones who oppose and hate the Lord our God from the beginning. They are anti-Christ for they hate and reject His Christ.

                                                                            The Message of His Kingdom

When you see standing in the holy place what does not belong, then you know it is the time of punishment in all that is written, when they set themselves up in God's temple by proclaiming to be God and His Christ through their blood and DNA.  
                                                For the body of the Christ is God's temple on earth.

The Lord our God takes vengeance, vengeance for His temple!








Warning to Those Trying to Change the Set Times