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The Message of His Kingdom

                   From now until that very hour, every one who calls on His Name will be saved.

The abomination that causes desolation:
Swine organisms (bacteria, fungi & viruses), manmade carbon-based particles and copper depletion.
The virus is the swine cell replication organism – measles.

Organisms generate, renew and protect cells, as intended by our Creator, and are creature specific.
NOTHING was created to be destructive.
Organisms become destructive in an environment of manmade carbon-based particles and low copper status. Supplanting human organisms with swine organisms accelerates & maximizes the destruction.

His return is imminent as a surge in deaths is evident: organ failure, infections (bacterial, fungal & viral), and collapse of the circulatory system by rupturing blood vessels and decreasing or increasing blood volume. Only the Father knows the hour & day.

To the sixth angel: Release the four angels bound at the great river Euphrates – the Mississippi River.
The number of the mounted troops is 200 million -- the population of the United States.

They are armed with weapons; they are cruel and without mercy.
The Lord thunders at the head of His army!

He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him.

The Military is positioned in the southern region, in the Gulf Coast states & offshore of the U.S., in preparation for war against Him and those arriving with Him.  The NORAD/USNORTHCOM Air Operations Center (AOC) is tasked to direct air intercept operations against Him & those arriving with Him. The AOC and collocated Early Warning (EW) radar were already destroyed once by Hurricane Michael. (Alternate AOC: Joint Base Langley, VA.)
Key EW sites on the Gulf Coast: Slidell, LA (Pearl River) & Lake Charles, LA (7 mi. SW of DeQuincy).

The US Intelligence & Space missions are to provide targeting data to combat units and weapons systems in the planned war against Him and those arriving with Him.

A Third of the Military is against Him.

Stand firm, be vigilant and DO NOT OBEY UNLAWFUL ORDERS.
His arrival is imminent as a surge in deaths and severe disease is evident.

Severe disease & death rates are high from manmade reduced metals and chemicals, bound to plastic, rubber & glass nanoparticles (NPs); and swine bacteria, fungi & viruses.
Exposure: by
airborne (gases), food/water supply and skin contact/absorption.
Infection: by organism transitioned to pathogen, rubber NPs for adhesion to host cells, iron to
supply oxygen to the pathogen, and low copper status.

Rubber NPs in the brain are the cause of neurological and behavioral disorders.
Radiation: the pulsed 4 GHz RF signal causes fatal infections & collapse of the circulatory system by mobilizing accumulated manmade particles bound with magnetic metals -- iron, cobalt, and nickel.
Blood volume drops, as particles fragment blood cells and cells are not replaced due to high blood pH.
Mobilized particles rupture blood vessel walls, causing internal bleeding.
Symptoms are less discernible with a pulsed signal versus persistent signal, until fatal.
Carbon: Carbon is corrosive and kills cells of living things. Carbon gas in particles induces corrosion and death of tissue/organs; as in inflammation, infections & ALL DISEASE. Diseases are symptoms.

Carbon scavenging organisms & copper is the body’s innate defense system: fungi, bacteria and other organisms, and copper dependent enzymes neutralize and remove carbon and reduced metals, as in manmade molecules. The population is now copper depleted and has no protection.
Other carbon scavengers: insects/bugs
, crustaceans, algae/algae blooms, weeds and many living things are carbon scavengers. The emergence of Cicadas en masse over a large region of the US is the start of mass carbon cleanup.
NOTHING was created to be destructive, but to maintain and protect.


The 200 Million versus 14.3 million (6.66%) in the USA:  They are 6.66% of the population, 14.3 million, including a third of the military. Prepare to advance on their positions, for the Lord's purpose is to destroy them!  They are anti-Christ for they oppose and reject His Christ. They are of the lines disinherited 2,000 years ago. When you see standing in the holy place what does not belong, it is the time of punishment, when they set themselves up in God's temple by proclaiming to be of His Christ through their blood and DNA. For the body of Christ is God's temple on earth.



Warning to Those Trying to Change the Set Times